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Trust your dog, with professional groomers who care

Our Linden parlour is open to all who love and adore their dogs. Dog grooming is essential for their well-being. Our groomers take care and treat them like the family they are. We believe regular grooming is essential to a happy, healthy dog.

We will give your furry loved ones personalised, hands-on care as promised in our motto, “the dignified treatment of your pets”….. Humanity over Vanity.

Every dog deserves to have their special day. Our treatment includes:

Hypoallergenic Shampoo and Conditioner


Blow Dry


Brush Out




Nails Trimmed


Ears Cleaned


Pads Trimmed


Sanitary Trim



              How do I brush my dog between grooms?

     * The amount of times you should brush your dog’s coat per week can vary from coat length and coat type. 

     * For medium to long coats, you can use a slicker brush and a metal comb. Parting the hair in sections on a small area                at a time will help eliminate matts from forming. Any matting you find with your comb that you cannot get through, use            your slicker brush to go back over that area. The more you brush your dog the less knots and tangles will form in the                coat.

      * Brushing your dog can be relaxing for both your dog and yourself. Lying your dog on the floor on their side can help                   them settle and bond closer with you. If you cannot see the skin when parting the hair, matting has formed.     

Should you have any special needs or requirements, there is nothing our team of groomers can’t do!


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